Monday 11 May 2009


Hello folks!  Since our final hand-in I have finally had time to straighten out my personal life somewhat, as well as play on my very neglected xbox (with an equally neglected and patient boyfriend, aww).  

In the meantime I've been doing a spot of drawing, this one is a two day mini-project I did for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards.  They wanted work with a narrative element (which my other work doesn't really have) so I decided to make some new stuff for it instead (better to enter rather than not eh?)  I'm not sure if this counts as narrative, they weren't too specific.  However, judging by last year's entries they didn't have to be full-on comic strips or anything so hopefully this will be ok.  The lady in the picture is a stall-holder at Covent Garden Market, selling teddy bears and bear hand-puppets.  She caught my eye as she (and her bear) read the paper.