Monday 20 July 2009

Celts and druids

Good evening everyone! Well it's been a busy couple of weeks (sorting out house stuff, unfortunately) but I felt like it was high time to get back to the drawing board. These charming little chaps are the fruit of an afternoon sketching and roughing out ideas for the Amelia's Anthology of Illustration competition, which is about the ecologically friendly technologies of the future. You would be justified in wondering "what have celts and neo-druids got to do with that?" but to answer would be telling. Be patient, and all will be revealed!

Until then, enjoy!

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Show numero deux!

Greetings everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying the summer, having picnics, bbqs and days in the park. This last week I've been running hither and thither all over London trying to look for a place to live after the end of July. Ironically, after scoping out places as far apart as Mile End, Ealing Broadway and Brixton, we found the cutest little place just round the corner from where we live now! Maybe it's like trying on shoes, the first pair is the one you like best, but you still have to try all the others, don't you? So, I expect the next month or so will be mostly occupied with sorting things ready for the move, though there will be time still to do my weekly post on here.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last post, Monday to Wednesday last week was the D&AD show, a huge event on any artist's or designer's calendar. Our class had a stand on which to exhibit work alongside other emerging talent from across the country. Below are images of the show, stand and work. I was fortunate enough to go to the private view, and had a wonderful time chatting to the other talented exhibitors there. Good luck to all of you!

On an unrelated note... did anyone notice my blog's new look? I thought it was looking a tad shabby so I spent a couple of days last week making it a bit more swish. Opinions/ suggestions are welcome as always!