Monday 8 October 2012

Inspiring India

Hello folks!

Autumn is well and truly here, isn't it?  Time to get those warm socks on and snuggle up cosily with a mug of something warm and comforting.  I love this time of year, though I've been looking back to summer a little this week as I've been finishing up my piece for the Inspiring India bloggers challenge, which is a project organised by Cox and Kings, the world's longest established travel company who specialise in escorted tours and luxury holidays.  Perhaps if you're missing the sunshine you'll enjoy the picture I've been working on too (though all I'm showing for now are little clips, so as not to spoil the surprise).  The piece will debut at the event this Wednesday evening (10th October, 6.30pm - 10pm at the Royal Geographical Society in London) so I shall reveal the whole piece on here sometime after that.  Incidentally, if you want to attend the event there are still some tickets available - just click here to purchase or to find out more about the program for the evening.

Hope you enjoy these little teasers, I would play a another game of 'guess the birdie' with my readers but I think this one is far too easy!  Though very appropriate given the subject matter, I think.  I hope you agree.

That's all for now, thank you everyone for reading!