Tuesday 26 July 2011

Mentions on Creative Crafting News, UK Art and Creative Daily and the Chicken and Pig Book blog. A wonderful week!

Hello to all of you, the good people of the internet! This week I've been working on some new projects, as well as getting some domestic bits and bobs in order. Its been a very wonderful week for me online, with my work being featured in some lovely places. I am enormously grateful to everyone who was kind enough to feature or mention my work.

Earlier in the week Steve Clement-Large was kind enough to feature my blog on his website UK Art and Creative Daily.

Then today my blog was featured again, on Creative Crafting News.

Finally, my picture of a Gallic Cockerel was included on the Chicken and Pig Book blog earlier this evening.

Update - I almost forgot that the lovely people at Creature Mag were also kind enough to feature my work on their twitter and paper.li. They're doing some really exciting work, so go check them out...

Phew, so much excitement!

Hope you're all having a great week too, more photos and illustrations to come very soon! As always, thanks for reading.

Emma x

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hello Mr. Siskin!

You may remember my Siskin sketches of a couple of blog posts back, and also that in the last post I mentioned visiting the Leytonstone Arts Trail. Well, the trip to Leytonstone wasn't for pleasure alone, as the other purpose of my visit was to present the finished Siskin painting to it's new owner, Arts Trail organiser Flash Bristow. Siskins are her mother's favourite bird, and Flash commissioned the piece to give to her dear mum as a birthday gift. I really hope she enjoys it for many years to come!

Sunday 17 July 2011

Photos from Leytonstone Arts Trail

It's been a very busy week! It started off with a visit to Leytonstone Arts Trail, in east London. It actually finishes today, so if you want to go see it there are only a scant few hours in which to do so! I do recommend it if you have the time, there were a great variety of different artists and disciplines in evidence. However if you can't make this year, don't despair! You can always catch it next year (or perhaps even get involved...?)

Paintings by Mary Anne Day at Meze Patisserie

Meze Patisserie, 13 Church Lane

Rosy Oddy at Leytonstone Library

Prints by Steve Murray

Photography by Steve Murray

Open Studios at 66 Norlington Road

Tanya Bulychova

Sculpture outside Leytonstone bus station

The Eatery, 7 Church Lane.

A collection of square foot works by local young people, organised by 100 square foot.

Giant postcards, by Flash Bristow

This one is Flash's personal favourite!

More work and pictures to come very soon, hope to see you then. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday 12 July 2011

I went to the zoo and I saw...

I went to one of London Zoo's late evenings, where you can see the animals, drink, eat and dance at an hour when the zoo is usually shut. At the zoo I saw...

some bearded pigs,

a gorilla,

a coati,

more coatis,

a kestrel, and many more!

I think the vulture wants me to go away and let him sleep now...