Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mentions on Creative Crafting News, UK Art and Creative Daily and the Chicken and Pig Book blog. A wonderful week!

Hello to all of you, the good people of the internet! This week I've been working on some new projects, as well as getting some domestic bits and bobs in order. Its been a very wonderful week for me online, with my work being featured in some lovely places. I am enormously grateful to everyone who was kind enough to feature or mention my work.

Earlier in the week Steve Clement-Large was kind enough to feature my blog on his website UK Art and Creative Daily.

Then today my blog was featured again, on Creative Crafting News.

Finally, my picture of a Gallic Cockerel was included on the Chicken and Pig Book blog earlier this evening.

Update - I almost forgot that the lovely people at Creature Mag were also kind enough to feature my work on their twitter and paper.li. They're doing some really exciting work, so go check them out...

Phew, so much excitement!

Hope you're all having a great week too, more photos and illustrations to come very soon! As always, thanks for reading.

Emma x

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