Saturday, 28 November 2009

A little something beautiful

I stumbled across this blog whilst on twitter, and was so impressed I felt that it had to be shared! Laura (a.k.a Lupin) sells and makes decorations, brooches and other crafty items made of felt. I particularly liked the above xmas decorations of tits, finches and robins. Reminds me of bird watching in my parent's back garden... You can see more of her lovely stuff at her blog here.

Speaking of birds, I've been enjoying drawing some chickens just lately. When I've done more that I'm happy with I'll put them up on here for people to look at. I'm thinking of working them into some kind of xmas/winter related theme, but not sure what. Any suggestions people?


  1. winter bird wonderland? or weird christmas pudding recipes? or old christmas meals that used to be eaten? or winter meals to make it more broad? ps: Thanks for the comment!

  2. You're very welome, sir Che! Yeah I was thinking of doing some recipe related thing... or maybe just ALL the birds migrating from the UK over xmas to get away from us carnivores. How's things at the beeb?