Friday, 23 April 2010

St. George's Day post!

Hello hello! I'm currently working on a few long term projects that aren't quite ready to share just yet, and as it is St. George's Day I decided to share some photos from my gallivanting about the UK. These celebrate the lovely Bradgate park in Leicestershire, former home of Lady Jane Grey (and current home of a herd of deer).

See that tower way off in the distance? That's Old John, and trekking up to it is something of a rite of passage for a lot of Leicesterites. Having only been to the park once before I had never done it, but this day I finally decided to make the journey.

Most of the way is just a pleasant trot over a couple of fields, but that last part of the ascent is surprisingly steep!

And at last the summit is reached! The traveller is rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding park, countryside and even the city way off in the distance. It's at times like this that I wish I had a camera that could do it all justice.

That's the view back the way we came. It's quite a way!

After the descent we come to the remains of Bradgate House where Lady Jane once lived. When I see red brick buildings I'm always tempted to assume it's from the Victorian era, but this was once a fine old Tudor pile (though the intact buildings are in such good shape you wouldn't necessarily know).

They've made this tower into a dovecote, with wooden shuttered entrances and everything.

And a far-off glimpse of the famous deer.

Kids playing in what I'm assuming is the River Lin. Fishing nets, paddling and picnics, a day out worthy of an Enid Blyton book (except the girls weren't left at home baking this time).

And so concludes this special Brit-themed post! Take the time this weekend to hit up one of the many national parks dotted all round the country, you'd be surprised at how much green space there is, even near the large cities. They're national treasures folks, so make the most of them!


  1. They should give everyone the day off for St George's day, so people might actually celebrate it!

  2. They so should, like on the continent where they have days off for practically any excuse. I would love that.