Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Frog shaped eggcups - more random stuff from my life

Welcome to March people! Spring is officially in the air - snowdrops and crocuses are popping up all over the place, my garden is chock full of birds and there seems to be a friend with a birthday almost every week. I've been enjoying the small amount of sunshine we've been getting, and cracking on with the owl painting I mentioned a couple of instalments ago, which is almost ready for me to start putting colour on it (excitement!)

Last May I visited a friend in Ireland, who took me to Giddy Studios, where you choose pottery pieces that you then paint! Since we didn't have any eggcups yet, I decided to get these cute little frog ones and make 'his and hers' souvenirs for me and the fiance. Since the pottery has to be fired after the glaze is applied, I needed to wait a while before I got to see them (and they've spent the best part of a year waiting for me to come and pick them up from another friend's house!) However, when I finally clapped eyes on them this Saturday I was very pleased. Mine is a Ziggy Stardust themed one (I'm a bit of a Bowie fan) and Chris' is a gaming related one. Boiled eggs for breakfast I think!

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