Thursday, 16 June 2011

The birds are enormously grateful!

Hello hello! Well it's been a log week but SORTED London finally came to an close. It was a rather emotional finish, and we all procrastinated hugely when it came to taking our work down because we just didn't want the fun to end. The show was hugely successful, more so than any of us exhibitors anticipated. And that success was down to YOU! You lovely people, who travelled across London and the whole of Great Britain to come show your support for all of us. So to you, an enormous and very humble thank-you! However, I do understand that not everyone who wanted to come was able to make it. So, without further ado, I present the internet debut of my pieces for the show at last. Enjoy!

Wren and Dog-Rose

Redstart and Bluebells

Greenfinch, Primroses and Fritillaries

Starling and Hawthorn

The Nightingales

I'll be sure to post my photos of the show on saturday... after I've been swimming. I've not been in ages, excited!

Until then, peace people.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous Emma. Most impressive. I want prints of all the birds please.x

  2. Missed SORTED, but really love the work shown here, especially the wren, one of my favourite birds. Colour choices are gorgeous, warm and rich but never jarring.

  3. Thanks so much to all of you for your kind and generous words! Of course Gill, I'll be making some more prints really soon and will make sure to post you a set ;D x

  4. Really lovely - Mr. Greenfinch is my favourite, but they're all gorgeous.

  5. your illustrations are wonderful!