Monday, 7 May 2012

Spring blossoms and summer plans

Helloooooooooo beautiful people, how are you all?  It's been very busy over here at Emma's illustration headquarters (otherwise known as 'my flat').

There's been more work to do for the lovely ladies over at Making Magazine (you can see all my published work for them so far over here), as well as planning the upcoming summer exhibition of illustration goodness from me and my pals.  Yes, that's right!  We're putting on an exciting, spectacular showcase of new work from myself and 9 other talented illustrators.  It's called The Picture Show - read more about it on the official website here.  And of course, we're on facebook and twitter too so if you have the time to pop over and give us a like, follow or just some words of encouragement then we would appreciate it enormously.

Anyway, onwards to today's business!  So I mentioned earlier this year that I've been working on some pieces that I was, at the time, unable to share with the online public (actually, that's virtually everything I've been working on so far this year... funny how that happens!)  I actually completed the following piece when we were only two weeks into the new year, but because it was destined for a wedding invitation I wasn't allowed to share and spoil the surprise for all the guests.

My lovely friend Anne-Marie wanted a picture of a pair of doves to go on her wedding invitations, and asked me if I would provide.  After some discussion, we decided on this lovely pair of Collared Doves nestled in Cherry-blossoms - aww!  I delivered the piece, and she sent it off to a company to be scanned and added to the wedding invitation design.  The original artwork was included in the fee, for the couple to keep as a treasured reminder of their wedding day.  I hope it hangs in their happy home for many years to come.

Collared Doves and Cherry-blossom illustration

The finished wedding invitation (my picture, but not my design)

Nothing better than a spring wedding!  Well that's all for now, I hope your week brings you lots of fun, love and laughter (and hopefully, some bloody sunshine!)

Best wishes,



  1. Lovely idea to have the doves for a wedding invite. They came out beautifully! I'm sure the happy couple will treasure the original for many years to come. :)

  2. Yes, I really hope so too! The doves were the bride's idea, she has very good taste in birds ;D