Monday, 3 February 2014

Gardens in Winter

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all keeping well!

We were blessed with a lovely and unusually bright and sunny Sunday yesterday, but sadly the rest of last week (and indeed, that last several weeks) has been thoroughly miserable, cold, wet and windy.  I've been wanting to go on some of my favourite walks over fields near my home, but it's been rather too muddy underfoot to venture over that way.  Instead I have been thinking about ways to cheer oneself up through wet and miserable weather, and have been finding some lovely colours in the garden.

There are still some bright red berries clinging to the bushes (that the birds haven't yet gotten to) as well as red on the thorns of some varieties of rose.  In addition, there are some promising signs that spring is not too far off, as the presence of Snowdrops testify!  Spring may be yet to come, but there are still some lovely colours, textures and blooms to be enjoyed outdoors in the meantime.

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