Monday, 10 March 2014

Leicester: Stoneygate and website woes

Good afternoon everyone!

Continuing with my photo-blogging tour around Leicester this week we're in the Stoneygate area, which is known for its galleries, quaint shops, elegant tearooms and lovely architecture.  I made a stop by Lockwood's Tearoom for a piece of cake and a cuppa (one of my favourite haunts) and then had a nosy around the area to take some snaps.

Lockwoods Tearoom

Lockwoods Tearoom

Lockwoods Tearoom

Lockwoods Tearoom

There really are some very grand old buildings round there!

In other news, I've been very busy behind the scenes getting my business up to scratch - there have been extensive amounts of filing and accounting (not very exciting, but utterly essential) and you may also have noticed that my new logo has appeared lately on my blog, social media and website.  The next project that I'll be working on will be the site itself, which has been badly in need of an update for some time.  I had been muddling along managing the site myself using Dreamweaver for a while but have decided that I don't really have a web expertise to do all the updates myself using that program (especially since the site exploded in my face recently during an attempted update), and so instead have arranged to have Word Press installed on my domain by the lovely Lea at Start-up Training School.  I'll be working on getting that up and running in the coming weeks, and will share with you all here when it is ready.  I'm hoping that this will lead to a much more attractive and easily up dateable site!  Stay tuned!

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