Saturday, 27 June 2009

Fish 'n' Chips!

Hello everyone! Well it's hot as hell here in London, so I have been out of doors enjoying the sunshine the last few days (well if not now, when can you? This is England after all...)

It's been a strange couple of weeks indeed, having to face up to being a responsible adult after so long of being a student, and actually having a bit of spare time after so long of having no life besides uni. The posts have been a little thin lately because I've been having a bit of a breather, but today I feel rested and ready to start work again, hoorah!

We Brits are famed for our fish 'n' chips. Below are some kinds of fish typically served with chips in Britain (from top: whiting, hake, bull huss, pollock, haddock, cod) and a large scale painting of a chippy counter. These were originally created as a piece to be hung on the wall at our degree show, but it was a bit too big. Instead they have gone into my portfolio for the D&AD show, which for anyone who doesn't know is a big trade show for illustrators, designers, advertisers and art directors.

I'm thinking the fish could be used to make some cute cards of some kind as well....

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and peace out! xxx


  1. Fishes look wicked! You just need to put some salt and vinegar with the chips and that will be shizzle!

  2. A big dollop of mushy peas would go down a treat with them, in my own opinion :P xxx