Monday, 8 June 2009

Logo design

Hi folks, long time no see!  Sorry about aforementioned absence from the blogosphere, I've been prepping for our upcoming show this Thursday and have been busy making merchandise and lots of exciting new work that will be on here very soon (promise!)  Please drop on by at the University of Westminster campus at Marylebone in London to come have a look, it's on over the weekend too.  

A mini project that I have been working on is the above, a logo for my friend David's dance company, 'Collisions Dance', which will be performing at this years Edinburgh festival.  You can get to their facebook page by following this link (though you have to be signed in to facebook, of course).

Take care my lovelies, chat soon!


  1. Makes a change from birds and pies :)!

  2. Yes indeed! Nice to do something outside of my comfort zone!

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