Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Shark sketches. Something smells fishy...

Hidy hi folks! Dropping in today to share with you some sketches I did for my buddy Jessica Dahn, who is just graduating from her masters in Art and Media Practice. For her final project she decided to make a children's game about sharks and other sea creatures. Below are the three concept sketches of Charlie the shark used in her presentation.

Charlie is caught in a fishing net!

Charlie rescued and recovering

Charlie chilling out with her new buddies (yes in reality they would probably try to eat each other but the kids don't necessarily know that...)

I also dropped in on her final exhibition over at The Rag Factory in Brick Lane, which included some amazing underwater photography.

One last thing: as some of you may know, it was my birthday yesterday (woo!) and I had a fabulous day out in town eating sushi and getting cake from China town (see below). In celebration of my birthday, sunshine and all good things I will be organising a big giveaway on my blog next week... so keep your eyes peeled!

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