Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Edinburgh - a week in pictures (Wednesday)

On day three we tackled the mighty Edinburgh Castle.

After being rained on for about 45 minutes straight, we finally got up to the castle where we could enjoy stunning views out over the town (despite our wet feet). This is the view out to Calton Hill, where you can see the Nelson Monument and National Monument.

This is a cemetery for the soldier's and officer's pet dogs

The altar inside St. Margaret's chapel

One of the great halls inside the castle

On the way back to town we popped into The Red Door Gallery, which was kindly recommended to me by Cut Copy Create on twitter. It had lots of beautiful goodies to please illustration and design fans everywhere. Hannah Zakari also looked amazing, though sadly at the time we were passing we didn't have the time to stop and have a good look. Next time!


  1. I want to live in Edinburgh so badly. I have submitted to have some of my work in the Red Door gallery. They said they really like what I am doing and will be getting in touch soon. The grass market rules.

  2. Oh I didn't make it inside the Grass Market! Yet another thing on the to-do list for next time. Well done on you for submitting to Red Door, it's a lovely place and a good showcase for anyone. I look forward to seeing your wares in there next time!