Friday, 30 September 2011

Some otterly cute drawings

This week I've been working on a new piece, featuring a welcome return to British waters - that of the  European  Otter, which is at last coming back to our rivers and streams after a long absence.  I have admired otters from an early age, but due to their scarcity always assumed that I would never see one in person.  With their numbers on the increase, I now have a little hope that I might one day see one!  And with all the doom and gloom in the papers lately, some good news (however small) is much needed indeed.

As always when making a new piece, I did a lot of preparatory drawing in my sketchbook, to gather some idea of how the animal behaves and moves.  Though they look cute and cuddly on land, otters transform completely underwater; executing graceful, fluid manoeuvres.

An otter wolfs down a tasty fish supper

Sketches from a video of two otters playing in long grass

Otters swimming gracefully

A comatose otter sleeps in his holt
I hope you've enjoyed my drawings, and the lovely weather outside.  Peace!


  1. These are amazing!! I love the sketches of the two otters playing, you've captured their characters so well :) xx

  2. They were a very cute pair! Thanks for your kind comment :)