Thursday, 23 February 2012

Making Magazine illustrations - how to make a cushion

Hello everyone!  Just a flying visit today to share with you another set of step-by-step illustrations for Making Magazine.  These ones came with instructions to make a cushion lined with pom-poms.  Bet it would look so cute when finished!

In other news, I'm working on another new piece which i should be able to reveal next week, and there's also pictures from my buddy Chrissy Wallace's show at The Modern Pantry coming up.  It's on 'til the 5th of March, so there's still time!  There's also lots of planning going on for stuff later this year, watch this space.  How exciting!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, thank you for reading.

Emma x


Picture 2 

Picture 3 

Picture 4 

Picture 5 

Picture 6 


  1. Lovely work! I'm wanting to see the final illustrated cushion now though!

  2. Thanks Charls, unfortunately there is no illustration of the finished thing - my remit is specifically the 'in-progress' pictures! I would imagine they would have photos of the finished product in the mag, though x