Saturday, 3 March 2012

Visit to Leytonstone - Eden at The Stone Space

Hello everyone! So it's a rainy Saturday which makes it a good one for catching up on some blogging.  So first of all, allow me to share with you some photos from my jaunt to Leytonstone this Thursday.  I met up with Flash Bristow and Carne Griffiths at The Stone Space, where Carne's new show Eden had just started.  Here's some snaps of the artist at work!

Me and Flash then headed off for some tea at her place, and then set out to walk Cray, her pet greyhound.  The camera doesn't really capture it, but he is the most beautiful shade of blue-grey!

Later on I bid farewell to Flash, and headed back to Leytonstone tube station.  On my way I paused at The Stone Space to see how the drawing was coming along - lookin' good so far!

If you're around in Leytonstone, make sure to go and check out the show!  There is also a live video link on The Stone Space website, so if you're a West-ender like me you can watch the drawing as it progresses remotely.  The show is also collecting any plants you'd like to donate - they will be used as inspiration for Carne's drawing and you can collect them again at the end of the show.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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