Friday, 9 March 2012

Chrissy Wallace's paintings at The Modern Pantry

Hello folks, hope you're having a good week!

So, I've FINALLY gotten round to sharing my pictures from my friend Chrissy Wallace's recent exhibition on here (I was aiming to post them up before the show finished, but sadly I did not manage that...) At any rate, you can see photos of her lovely work in the charming setting of The Modern Pantry restaurant, even if you missed the exhibition.  While I was waiting for the artist herself to arrive and show me round, I took the opportunity to enjoy the unusual buildings of the surrounding area.

I loved the mix of different architectural styles going on - I guess that happens quite a lot in London anyway (since you get places being built and then rebuilt on, over and over) but this part of the city seemed to demonstrate that in a much more concentrated space.  Once Chrissy arrived, we proceeded to the venue (and I can confirm that their brazil nut tart with ice cream is pretty bloody good!)

I hope you agree with me that the pictures look really nice in the space, no?  Thanks so much for reading.  Until next time!

Best wishes,

Emma x


  1. Thanks Emma! So chuffed to be worthy of a blog post :) And you did post before the show comes down, its been extended until the 18th of March! xx

  2. It was...? Oh, YES IT WAS! I had the old date recorded in my diary - well there you have it, folks, get down to the gallery now!

    Always a pleasure, Chrissy ;D xxx