Saturday, 26 August 2017

Hike in The Peak District: Edale to Jacobs Ladder

Hello everyone, and welcome back!  This time I've just popped in to share with you some photos of our latest adventure, a hike in the Peak District from Edale up Grindsbrook to the  Kinder Plateau and down Jacobs Ladder.  Well, that was the intention anyway!

We headed up Grindsbrook, trotting along mud paths, scrambling over boulders and negotiating the stream at various points.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't in our favour, rather than rain proper there was a very fine drizzly mist that meant that by the time we were on the climb up to the Kinder Plateau we were soaked through even under waterproofs.  We took a break for lunch to refuel but the ordeal had proved a bit too much for my partner's youngest, who was rather too young for a trek as challenging as this and who was too tired to continue.  Furthermore we discovered from a kindly and experienced walking guide who passed by us that we had accidentally taken the more difficult route, and would soon have to negotiate a waterfall to continue or descend back the way we'd come for some distance to then climb up the easier way.  Since progress with the little one was so slow it seemed unlikely that we'd complete the walk in a reasonable time frame, so we decided instead to retreat to the Penny Pot Cafe in Edale for hot chocolates and coffee.  Even though we didn't complete our goal this time it was refreshing to be out on the Peaks again and I enjoyed snapping away with my camera capturing all the wonderful colours and textures.  Another big plus is that walkers are some the nicest, most polite people you can meet!  This will probably be our last trip up the Peaks this summer but hopefully we will return next year.

If you're interested in this walk you can find the route and map on the Ordnance Survey website, hopefully you'll have more luck completing it than we did!  Happy hiking!

Thanks as always for reading and see you next time, best wishes,


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