Thursday 26 October 2017

More Peak District Hiking Fun

Greetings lovely readers!

In the last installment I shared with you photos from an aborted hike up in the Peak District, so I am pleased this time to share with you some documentary evidence (in the form of photos!) that we returned a few weeks later and completed it successfully!

View of the Grindsbrook path from its apex

View of the landscape from the top of Grindsbrook

We headed up the Grindsbrook path as before, taking the correct route this time so the ascent onto the Kinder Plateau wasn't too arduous.  There isn't really a photo that can do justice to the altitude you climb in such a short space of time, but you can get some idea from the pictures above!

View of the landscape from the top of Kinder Scout

Interesting rock formation

Rock formation that looks like the head of a crocodile - people have even put in little stones for teeth!

Shallow waterfall on Kinder Scout

Shallow waterfall on Kinder Scout

Shallow waterfall on Kinder Scout

Rocky outcrop

Terrain on Kinder Plateau

We then travelled across the top of Kinder Plateau (also known as Kinder Scout), enjoying the somewhat alien looking terrain and interesting rock formations as we went.  There was also a small waterfall to traverse which made a lovely subject for photographs.

View down Jacob's Ladder

View up Jacob's Ladder

I made it!  Reaching Jacob's Ladder at last

View across farmland

 Despite poor visibility due to mist we found our way around the ridge and eventually to the top of Jacob's Ladder.  Once we'd descended (stopping to take cheesy celebratory photos) there was a stroll across farmland and then onto the Pennine Way for the home stretch back to Edale.  We thoroughly enjoyed having a walk on the wild side and found the route challenging without being exhausting.  Though as with any extended trip I'd definitely recommend taking plenty of water and snacks - this walk took around six hours and the last thing you want is to be stuck up on the tor, hungry and thirsty!  Lots of warm layers and a waterproof are also a must.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!


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