Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pork anyone?

Wow, long time no post!  This last week or so has been a bit mental, not least because of printer ink issues (I'm sure Che, Vin et al will sympathise).  I also went to a friend's wedding party this weekend, which was wonderful.  They have the most adorable daughter you have ever seen, and I was able to catch up with a whole bunch of people I've not seen in a long time.  

Anyway, after a restful weekend I felt inspired to finish off these pictures, which are of traditional British pork dishes.  In England these is an expression that every part of the pig 'besides the squeak' can be used; these images illustrate that fact.  After this I'm going to send these off to be made into postcards - if I'm ever organised enough to sort my etsy shop they'll turn up on there I expect!

CRUBEENS - Pig's trotters served as food.  These are a traditional Irish pub dish, where they are often accompanied by stout and soda bread.

CHITTERLINGS - Fried, roasted or stewed pig's intestines.  This dish is of medieval origin; 'chitterling' is the Old English word for a pig's small intestine.

BATH CHAP - The cheek and lower jaw of the pig when salted, cooked and rolled into a cylinder.  This dish originates from the city of Bath.

BRAWN - Pig's head meat in seasoned jelly.  Such head jellies have been produced since the middle-ages, when it was a popular peasant food.

BLACK PUDDING - A sausage made by cooking pig's blood with fillers such as oatmeal, bread or barley until it is think enough to congeal.


  1. They remind of the sausage in the book 'Hungary Caterpillar', but your own version. The pink background is very appropriate for the pig theme!

  2. eeuuwww they are gross! The work is great tho :)

    I found these, i thought you might like


  3. My god Mello, that site is AMAZING! Love the songbird sculptures, they are adorable. May have to do a feature on her work ^_^

    Lol, 'Hungary' caterpillar...

    I do love that book too. I'm so greedy I would actually love to just eat through a whole bunch of food like the caterpillar and then fall asleep for several weeks. Actually, that sounds just like my Christmas time, haha.