Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A gorgeous underwater garden

I had a look through the photos on my camera after getting back from leicester last week and realised that I had forgotten all about these beauties! My brother is a big animal fan like me, with a particular penchant for fish (he studied marine biology for his degree) and still has a tank with a few fishes in that, for the time being, still live at mum and dad's place. He wanted a replacement catfish for the tank after the last one died, so we headed out to track one down. I'm a pet shop owners worst nightmare really, I don't have the space to keep any animals so I'm not going to buy anything, but I'm damn well going to stay there and enjoy looking for as long as possible! The owners of the shop we visited were kind enough to let me take some photos - though without flash on so apologies for the quality (I had it turned off so the fish weren't startled - I don't really think you can call yourself an animal fan unless you're willing to show them some consideration, even at a detriment to yourself). I've never seen so many unusual sea creatures in a shop before, and was particularly stunned at how the sea anemones and corals make gorgeous, ghostly underwater gardens.

Pictures taken at Ocean Commotion, Leicester, with thanks to the staff.

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