Saturday, 29 January 2011

Owl good is that?!

I noticed the other day that this blog has been a tad devoid of illustration work recently, mainly because I let myself have a long break over Christmas to wind down and get my mojo back. I don't know about you lot but I'm starting to understand why adults sometimes dread Christmas; the pressure of finding appropriate gifts for everyone and making the big day 'special' can be exhausting.

The last couple of weeks I have been getting myself back into gear with a really lovely project - a painting for a couple I know, who wanted a pair of beautiful owls to christen their first proper home together. We've gone through the stages of roughs and developed sketches so this week I've been able to gather some fresh materials, stretch the paper and start work on the final picture at last! There's still some work to do, but the owls are starting to take shape nicely and I'm really excited to see the finished painting.



Start of final piece

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the little roughs you did in your sketchbook Ems, x!